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I am a developer, and love to write useful programs. You can find my work on Github. My favorite programming languages are Python, C/C++ and Java. I usually work on GNU/Linux or Android platforms. If you're looking for my resume, click here

I have a strong interest in Computer Networks and Information Security. While that's not what I do at my day job, I think it's one of the most important problems taking a shape on the internet right now. I am actively involved with The Honeynet Project in building and maintaining some of the most advanced honeypots today.

I also love playing games. Some of my favorite ones are Counter Strike 1.6, Age of Empires 2 and of course, Chess! :-) (By the way, Lichess is an amazing chess website, do check it out!)

I am into music too, and Scorpions are my favorite band. I also like listening to Korn. All in all, I like music that has a strong rhythm.

Besides the above, some of my other hobbies include reading (High Fantasy, Fiction, Thrillers) and driving. I also swim, but rather irregularly.