Aniket Panse | (979) 739 8054 | [email protected]


Texas A&M University May 2019

Master of Science in Computer Science - Incoming student

BITS Pilani Aug 2014

Master of Science (Honors) in Mathematics - 7.94/10 Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) in Computer Science - 7.94/10

Work experience

Instagram Software Engineer Intern (Graduate) Jun 2018 — Aug 2018 Menlo Park, CA

  • Improved the CPU efficiency of compute heavy services in Instagram Notifications
  • Architected a service to aggregate and serve time data from various sources, such as request logs, which is used in the notification pipeline
  • Updated existing services to serve dates in the user locale, instead of just English
  • Technologies: Python, Thrift, Django

Postman Software Engineer Jun 2015 — Jul 2017 Bangalore, India

  • Headed the development and maintenance of 3 major open source Node.js projects:
    • Newman - Postman CLI with 100K+ downloads each month
    • Postman Runtime - Underlying engine which powers Postman App and Cloud services
    • Postman SDK - Javascript library to help developers integrate with Postman
  • Coached a team of three, guiding them through technical and non-technical issues
  • Overhauled the specification of the Postman Collection format, which can be used for HTTP API definitions, similar to OpenAPI/Swagger or RAML
  • Worked on multiple user facing, high-traffic services such as, and the update server for Postman's app updates, using Node.js
  • Engineered a multi-layered secure sandbox for executing user provided Javascript code
  • Architected a Node.js based domain hosting system and an SNI based reverse proxy, allowing users to host their domains in the Postman Cloud
  • Technologies: JavaScript (Node.js, Electron, Chromium), SailsJS, AWS

Amazon Software Development Engineer Jul 2014 — Mar 2015 Bangalore, India

  • Executed the launch of Amazon External Payments in Japan, setting up the deployment stacks, pipelines and API services
  • Overhauled a notification service, allowing it to handle 4 times more traffic
  • Worked on various operational improvements such as better logging, monitoring and deployments
  • Implemented a parser and a reverse parser to convert large config files in a proprietary format to and from JSON, for easy manipulation and validation
  • Technologies: Java (+AspectJ), Python, Javacript, AWS

Google Summer of Code Developer Jun 2013 — Sep 2013 Remote

  • Worked on the Beeswarm IDS, which uses a system of intelligent clients, sessions (honeytokens) and honeypot servers to lure attackers
  • Implemented protocols such as FTP, SMTP, HTTP and VNC on the honeypot
  • Created automated intelligent clients capable of simulating human actions
  • Designed a bootable image generation system, facilitating seamless deployment on servers and clients
  • Implemented parts of a web based interface to manage deployment of the honeypot clients and servers
  • Technologies: Python



Development of a Protocol for optimized parking space allocation using Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs). This project was selected for presentation at the IEEE-FISTS conference 2011, in Vienna, Austria.
  • Devised and implemented an algorithm for parking space allocation, upon a stationary Ethernet network