Beeswarm - Week 1

As a part of GSoC 2013, I'm working on improving BeeSwarm. This is the first of my weekly updates (and probably the longest). It's been a pretty eventful first week of GSoC. A lot of code was written, knowledge gained and planning done! :) Here's a short summary:

Improving the SSH and Telnet capabilities:

  • The Hive now accepts logins and allows users to run a bunch of common commands (ls, cat, cd, uname, etc) on the SSH and Telnet capabilities.
  • A lot of code was refactored, so that implementation of new commands is easier, and common to both the capabilities.
  • Quite a few minor bug-fixes, and the Telnet Bee was improved, so that it handled the options negotiations in the right way.

Improving the Web-App UI:

  • The Beekeeper now boasts a new UI, built on Twitter Bootstrap.
  • It is now possible (and necessary) to login to the web-app in order to perform administrative tasks and view the logs.
  • The logs are displayed in a pretty table, and sorting and pagination is possible.
  • BeeSwarm no longer depends upon Flask-Bootstrap.

This week, I plan to secure the BeeKeeper API. The Hive and Feeder should refuse sending data in case an invalid certificate is detected. I have a feeling implementing this will be much harder than it sounds.. looking forward to a busy week!