My Experiments with Kate

Alright, so Kate (KDE Advanced Text Editor) is my new obsession. I basically tried to get involved by fixing a 'Junior Job', but in the end it turned out to be an external issue. So, I turned to the plugins. There's a pretty nice how-to on the KDE Techbase, but it's a bit old.

Now, C++ is not my language of choice, I must say. Give me Python any day. Anyway, since I'm not very familiar with it, I thought maybe I should use some IDE. Then followed 6 hours of trying to get CMake working with Eclipse (I also messed up my Android ADT install during this time, but that's another story!). So I turned to QtCreator. Again, there's a lucid how-to on the Kate website, but it fails to mention that running Kate from within QtCreator does not run 'kbuildsycoca4'. After that, I am currently stuck at getting my own plugin to work (which is pretty much a copy of the hello world plugin). I've also been getting a load of help on the IRC (thanks igli!). Hopefully my plugin will be working by tomorrow. I should read CMake documentation too.